Friday 24th January, 2020

Compliance Services

Compliance Services

This is the routine stuff that has to be done for every business and every business owner every year to meet the requirements and filing deadlines of the Taxman and/or Companies House.

Accounts and Tax Returns


  • Accounts – not only prepared, but prepared whilst actively seeking ways for you to pay less tax
  • Tax Returns (business and personal) – completed for the Tax Man (HM Revenue & Customs – HMRC)
  • Returns filed – in the format required for HMRC to minimise the risk of tax enquiries
  • Accounts and Returns – prepared promptly to give you maximum advance notice of your tax bills so you can plan your cashflow
  • Abbreviated Accounts – filed at Companies House to protect your privacy – this format allows less financial information to be on public record – applies to limited companies only
  • Accounts and Returns – filed electronically with Companies House to minimise the risk of identity theft – applies to limited companies only
  • Using leading edge technology to streamline the process – to minimise the time you have not got access to your books
  • Your books and papers are fully insured – whilst in our care to give you peace of mind in case the worst happened
  • All work reviewed by qualified Accountants – to ensure the quality of the end results
  • Guaranteed to file on time every time – to avoid late filing penalties and avoid increased risk of a tax investigation
  • All explained in plain english – to help you understand the key figures


Did you know that if you gave exactly the same information to several accountants, your profits and tax bills would differ significantly?

How do we know?

Because over the years we have taken on new clients from other accountants, and from our initial detailed review we regularly identify tax savings and accounting adjustments that have been missed in previous years – resulting in business owners paying unnecessary tax.

Sometimes we can amend previous Accounts and Returns to allow our clients to benefit sooner. Other times, we can save our clients paying too much tax from here forward.

Why can this Happen?

Because not all accountants are the same. Each accountant has different experiences, different technical knowledge, different specialist support; can be too busy to have the time to look for savings; or even insufficient desire to give a great service.

Why don’t you look at our example to see this in action.

Need a little extra help then why not look at our time saving services or value added services?

Is it time to change your accountant?

By now you should be getting an idea how we work at Red Dot.

If you are still unsure if we are the right accountants for you, then why don’t you get in touch… we don’t bite!

As we do not want to waste your time, we will Initially speak over the phone to get a ‘feel for each other’ to see if we sound like we could work well together.

Assuming we both feel comfortable, we can then arrange to meet up for an informal chat over a cup of tea or coffee.

Our conversation and meeting will be totally FREE, confidential, and without any further obligation.

We are confident that you will get some benefit from our meeting irrespective of whether you appoint us or not.

As a minimum we expect you to get an independent view on your business performance and tax affairs, with suggestions on how you could improve these, plus as a special gift we will give you a free copy of our book.

CONTACT US NOW – you have nothing to lose