Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping is the basic process of maintaining records of every transaction carried out by a business. It will include any sales, any purchases of business goods or related services, as well as any other payments made to the business bank account and all other credit card and cash transactions. It should also include any current debtors that owe the business money, and any debts that the business owes to creditors. All receipts should be kept to ensure accurate recording.

Historically, bookkeeping was literally done in a book, but now it must all be managed digitally as part of the government’s Making Tax Digital initiative.

If you do not maintain your company books, and you are audited, you could be liable for severe penalties.

Managed bookkeeping services

The easiest solution for many businesses is to have our expert accountants take over your bookkeeping function. We will handle everything for you, ensuring all transactions are logged and maintained correctly using the most appropriate system for your company, whilst also making it simple for you to run your own reports and get the information you require as necessary.

If you’re an SME in Preston, Blackpool and the surrounding areas and you’re looking for bookkeeping services near you, we can handle everything to free up more of your time.

Bookkeeping consultancy services

If you would prefer to keep your bookkeeping in-house, we can also offer more of a consultancy service to make sure you are set up correctly. We will work with you to examine your business size, growth plans and other circumstances to determine the best software for you to use, and help you get it set up and demonstrate how to use it fully. We can then also continue to support you if you need further assistance.

Whatever level of bookkeeping support you require, our fully qualified and efficient accountants are ready to help you.