Compliance Services

We know this can be a pain for a small business or SME, but compliance with what both HMRC and Companies House demand is absolutely vital, so here’s what our accountants in our Blackpool and Preston offices do to ensure we keep you on the right side of the ever growing rules and regulations.

  • Accounts – we prepare them, but also do so in a way that could save you tax
  • Tax Returns – we handle both your business and personal tax returns, providing all that HMRC requires
  • Filing of Returns – we submit information in the format HMRC requires and, most importantly on time and error-free, to minimise the risk of you facing a tax enquiry
  • Accounts and Returns – we prepare accounts promptly, so you are aware what tax you will need to pay and can get ready for the payment as far in advance as possible
  • Filleted Accounts – we will file filleted accounts at Companies House, so that your privacy is protected by virtue of having less financial information on public record. This is a service for Limited Companies only
  • Accounts and Returns – these are filed electronically with Companies House, to minimise the risk of identity theft. Again, this applies to Limited Companies only
  • Leading-edge Technology – this is what we use to streamline the process and reduce the amount of time you are without access to your ‘books’ and figures
  • Fully insured Books and Figures – should the worst occur, we have full insurance to protect your accounting information
  • Qualified Accountants – all is reviewed by professionals with the right qualifications in place to ensure we deliver a quality service
  • Filing Guarantees – we will file on time, every time, to avoid any late-filing penalties, or situations that could prompt a tax investigation
  • Plain English – we won’t talk jargon and will explain things as simply as possible, so that you know what we are doing and why we are doing it, and understand the figures within your accounts

How different accountants can produce different figures

It may seem inconceivable that you could give the same information to several accounting firms and receive figures showing different levels of profitability and different tax bills. Yet, it happens.

Over the years, some clients have turned to us having previously used different Chartered Accountants in Blackpool, Preston and other parts of the Fylde Coast. We often identify tax savings and accounting adjustments that former accountants have missed and which have led to our business-owning clients paying unnecessary tax. At times, we can amend previous accounts and returns, so that our clients can benefit sooner. If we can’t put the past right in this way, we can least ensure that our clients do not pay too much tax in future years.

Why are not all accountants the same?

The answer is that different accountants have different experiences. Their technical knowledge may not be as in-depth and they may not have the specialist support on which we can draw for our small business and SME accounting. Some may be too busy to look for savings for their clients and, of course, they need to have the desire to save money for the businesses they work with.

We have an example here, which shows this process in action.

Should I change my accountant?

This is ultimately your decision, but if you look at our time-saving services and value-added services, you may gain more motivation to do so.

We will need to speak first, to see if we are a good fit for each other, and then meet up, if we think we gel. It’s all free to this point and you will get independent views on your business. If that sounds like a plan, please get in touch.