Payroll Returns

Payroll is complicated – as soon as you employ someone, you have to take into account charging them tax and ensuring that money is passed to HMRC. You also need to file regular payroll returns to ensure that you are accurately paying and reporting, and that any deductibles such as pension entitlements are handled correctly.

Employ our expert services and we can handle all aspects of your payroll returns, so that you have more time to focus on growing and developing your business, or simply less time tied to your desk.

Filing your Payroll returns

Use our accountants service to ensure your payroll returns are filed on-time and accurately. We will make sure that all necessary returns are handled efficiently, using electronic filing to make sure that there are no errors in the information provided.

We will comply with all Real Time Information regulations, handle returns related to pension auto enrolment, and ensure that all ‘benefits in kind’ information is recorded through P11D forms.

You must file your Full Payment Submission forms monthly, in advance of your employees’ payday. However, if your payroll returns are less than £1,500 per month you can choose to pay your payroll returns quarterly rather than monthly.

Managing PAYE on your behalf

As well as taking care of your payroll returns, we can also manage PAYE on your behalf. We use our specialist software to assess how much you need to deduct from each employee for tax and National Insurance, as well as calculating other payments including holiday pay, statutory sick pay and statutory maternity pay. We can also prepare individual payslips for all of your employees and take care of paying the PAYE amount to HMRC as required.

We are available to support you with all your payroll returns and other pay requirements – simply get in touch to find out how we can help.