Friday 24th January, 2020



As you would expect from a firm of qualified Chartered Accountants, we can supply all the services that you would expect an accountant to provide.

All our services are intended to provide our client’s with peace of mind, tax savings, or improved profitability, or a combination of all of these.

Compliance Services

These are our basic services which cover the routine stuff that has to be done for every business and every business owner every year to meet the requirements and filing deadlines of the Taxman and/or Companies House – including the preparation of Accounts and completion of Tax Returns – see details here.

We then offer optional services that our clients can access to help them to plan their business and personal tax affairs to minimise the amount of tax they will pay in the future, and those services that assist our clients to better manage and grow their businesses so they can achieve their goals and ambitions sooner.

Time Saving Services

These services are designed to save you time and hassle, allowing you more time to spend on developing your business, or more time with family and friends, or spending more time pursuing your hobbies or leisure activities that you enjoy – see details here.

Value Added Services

These services are aimed at planning your tax affairs to help you to pay less tax, and helping you to improve the profitability and management of your business – see details here.

Is it time to change your accountant?

By now you should be getting an idea how we work at Red Dot.

If you are still unsure if we are the right accountants for you, then why don’t you get in touch… we don’t bite!

As we do not want to waste your time, we will Initially speak over the phone to get a ‘feel for each other’ to see if we sound like we could work well together.

Assuming we both feel comfortable, we can then arrange to meet up for an informal chat over a cup of tea or coffee.

Our conversation and meeting will be totally FREE, confidential, and without any further obligation.

We are confident that you will get some benefit from our meeting irrespective of whether you appoint us or not.

As a minimum we expect you to get an independent view on your business performance and tax affairs, with suggestions on how you could improve these, plus as a special gift we will give you a free copy of our book.

CONTACT US NOW – you have nothing to lose