Time-Saving Services

This is our way of ensuring you get the precious time with family and friends that you envisaged when you set up your business, or those hours of free time that you wanted to spend pursuing hobbies and interests. There are so many plusses to be had from these, as you will see if click on the plus signs below.

We can save you time by:

VAT Returns

  • completing your VAT returns, on time, every time
  • assessing if you are reclaiming all the VAT due to you
  • ensuring there is no confusion as to when you can and cannot reclaim VAT
  • explaining succinctly and clearly the pitfalls and problems associated with VAT
  • helping you avoid late penalties

VAT Registration

  • advising on both compulsory and voluntary registration for VAT
  • advising on compulsory threshold and time limits
  • completing all the necessary paperwork – properly and securely
  • identifying any VAT reclaimable from the period before you registered for VAT

VAT Planning

  • looking at how to reduce your VAT costs
  • advising on different VAT schemes, to point you in the right direction
  • advising on the structure of a transaction, to ensure VAT implications are minimised
  • This is particularly useful for land and property transactions


  • using specialist software to assess and calculate how much needs to be deducted from each employee for their tax and National Insurance payments
  • preparing individual payslips for each employee
  • calculating holiday pay
  • calculating statutory sick pay (SSP) for staff who are off work through illness
  • calculating statutory maternity pay (SMP) for mothers-to-be
  • advising you of how much PAYE is due to be paid to HMRC and when

Filing of Payroll Returns

  • completing all necessary returns for HMRC
  • electronic filing of returns with HMRC to minimise the risk of errors
  • complying with Real Time Information (RTI) regulations
  • handling pension Auto Enrolment returns
  • completing ‘benefits in kind’ information through forms P11D


Bookkeeping is the term for the basic record-keeping of business transactions. This should record sales, any purchases of goods and services, payments and receipts that enter the business bank account, credit card and cash transactions, amounts due to the business from debtors and amounts to be paid out by the business to its creditors.

All should be done in an orderly manner and the record-keeping can be either manual or computerised.

However, with the introduction of Making Tax Digital by HMRC, all of this now needs to be computerised – something that we can help you with.

Here at Red Dot Chartered Accountants, we are familiar with many of the manual bookkeeping systems such as Guildhall and Cathedral, as well as computerised systems and software packages such as Sage, Quickbooks (Intuit), Xero, Kashflow and Microsoft Excel, so can dovetail with however you are managing your bookkeeping.

We can help your small, SME or family business in Preston, Blackpool or surrounding areas, by:

  • working out what you need to put in place
  • helping you choose the best bookkeeping system for you
  • helping you install and use the system (please see this example)
  • taking over the bookkeeping function, if that is best for you

If you refer to our compliance and value-added services sections, you will see what else we can offer to you, which many Chartered and other accountants will not provide.

All that is left is for you to decide whether it is time to find an accountant, or change accountant, bearing in mind the way we go about the process of finding out if we are right for each other, as explained here.