Value-Added Services

None of our value-added services are compulsory, but they have been used to the benefit of many clients who have sought pro-active accountants in Blackpool and Preston postcode areas. These services are focused on better business planning, management of business and personal tax affairs, future tax payments and small business growth management.

Tax Planning from our Team of Accountants

Our accountants in our Blackpool and Preston offices can help you plan your tax in such a way as to minimise the amount of tax both your business, and you personally, pay to the taxman. Reducing tax liabilities is a particular specialism of Red Dot and we relish saving businesses money that they could be deploying elsewhere within their operation.

Here are some examples of what we have done for our clients.

Accounting for Profit Improvement

If you think a Chartered Accountant’s services are just a cost on the balance sheet, think again, as we can actually enhance your profits, not lower them. We work to allow the business owner to better control their business and thus make vital savings, through the following areas.

Management Information

Here we assist you by:

  • furnishing you with regular management information (MI)
  • offering you either quarterly or monthly reports
  • allowing you to gain useful snapshots of business performance
  • enabling you to use more in-depth reports and Management Accounts, to better manage key areas, spot trends and boost performance through forward planning
  • providing a means of measuring where you are now and where you want to be

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • providing these so that you can better drive your business
  • identifying those areas of the business that you can hone, to achieve enhanced profitability
  • equipping you with the KPIs that can be monitored on an ongoing basis, to stay in control of your business
  • helping you identify what KPIs are most important to you

Projections and Forecasts

  • furnishing you with an overall picture of where your business might be in 12 months or even 3-5 years’ time
  • modelling your business, through the use of specialist software, to show how different business decisions could impact on it, for better or worse
  • helping to demonstrate whether cash flow will be sufficient to meet your liabilities, when they fall due for payment – a vital thing for any business to know

Budgetary Comparison

  • comparing your actual results with your targeted results from your business plan
  • examining any shortfalls or unexpected gains in this regard, what can be done about them and how they can impact on the business
  • helping you to get back on track, if needs be

Profit Improvement Consultancy

  • using accountancy figures to create business strategies that can enhance profits
  • delivering tried and tested ideas to boost your profitability, through ad hoc conversations or more structured advice sessions
  • offering advice on ways to finance growth, using our bank and funding contacts
  • helping you put together a written plan for enhanced profitability and to review it regularly
  • helping to maintain your focus and keep you on track
  • providing an external objective view that can present things in a new light
  • giving you someone to answer to, to help you stay focused

If you are not being offered such optional support, perhaps it is time to change your accountant, particularly if you live in a catchment area around our Preston or Blackpool accountants’ offices.

Refer to how our client recruitment takes place here. It’s then your call.