Services Overview

At Red Dot, we supply all of the services a Chartered Accountant should offer, to provide clients with peace of mind, savings on their tax bills, enhanced profitability, or all of these things.

We can break down our services across our two Chartered Accountants offices in Blackpool and Preston, as follows.

Compliance Services from a Chartered Accountant

This is the routine, legal work a Chartered Accountant needs to do for any business, regardless of whether they are looking for small business accounting services, accountancy support for their small Limited Company, or an accountant that can deal with the tax responsibilities of a small business.

Both HMRC and Companies House operate to strict filing deadlines and it is imperative that your accountant meets these, on time, every time. Red Dot can help prepare and complete both your accounts and your tax returns.

We also offer optional services which help clients plan their business and personal tax affairs in such a way as to minimise their future tax payments. Other services our accounting firm offers are those which help small businesses foster and manage growth, so they can head towards their goals and ultimate exit strategy much sooner.

Time-saving Services

We understand that a business is frequently a means to an end and that end could be better work-life balance, or more family time, at a time of your choosing. For this reason, we provide services that can save you precious time, stress and worry, enabling you to actually have the time that you thought you could enjoy with family and friends, when you first established your business.

Value-Added Services

Nobody enjoys paying tax, but some business owners may not realise they are paying too much, depending on how their accountant is managing their tax affairs. Over the years, we have helped many Blackpool and Preston businesses save money on their tax bill. Here are some details.

Remember, that Red Dot works with businesses with whom we can establish a rapport and will initially talk to you over the phone, to see if that could be the case. From there, we may arrange a meeting. These initial conversations are free-of-charge, so don’t worry that the clock is ticking from the moment you phone us.