Business Sale/Purchase Case Studies

Purchase of Company Shares »

A client company operated an IT business, and a minority shareholder was leaving the Company. It was important that the outgoing shareholder’s stake in the business was bought off him as part of him leaving the business. One way was for the remaining shareholders to buy the shares off the outgoing shareholder, but this would […]

Due Diligence Aborts Business Purchase »

A client who operated a distributorship business had an opportunity to purchase a competitor business to allow them to expand into a new geographical area. Our client asked Red Dot to undertake due diligence work as part of the acquisition. Due diligence is the process of checking different aspects of the business being acquired to […]

Manufacturing Company Sale »

Our client owned a manufacturing company and had decided to sell the business. The sale of a business is something that few business owners have much experience of. It can be a very worrying and stressful time, during which the owner has to continue to run the business without being distracted to the detriment of […]