Friday 24th January, 2020

Why Us

Why Us

Choosing the right accountant to work with is a bit like choosing the perfect outfit to wear. Its got to fit you perfectly, feel comfortable and make you feel special. Okay so an accountant might not make you feel special often but you still need to feel comfortable with your accountant.

All accountants should be able to do everything that has got to be done each year – this is what we call the compliance bit. Surprisingly, not all accountants deal with this in the same way though.

Experience has shown us that the difference is in HOW this basic service is delivered. Click here for a quick example. That little story demonstrates how Red Dot Chartered Accountants DO differ and can make a difference, even in just completing the routine basic work that every accountant undertakes.

Having read the example, what type of accountant are you looking for? Is it..

One who misses the deadlines?

One who meets the deadlines (just)? or

One who delivers a relaxed and professional service in good time well in advance of deadlines?

If it is the latter, then please contact us.

Beyond the basics, what else can we do for you?

 Time Saving

For a start we can release you from the time consuming and hassle of basic bookkeeping, vat returns and payroll. We can help by either advising on the best systems to set up or by taking these tasks off your hands all together.

Tax Planning

Tax planning to reduce and minimise both business and personal taxes.

We are particularly strong in this area – backed up by our ongoing training and trusted network of professionals. As we deal with a small number of clients we can use our detailed knowledge of their individual circumstances to actively identify specific ways to minimise their tax.

Help in moving your business forward

At Red Dot Chartered Accountants we can also use our vast experience and knowledge to identify ways to help you with your business. We do this by encouraging our clients to talk to us regularly so we know what their issues are; what their plans are and what their goals and ambitions are.

REMEMBER: We do not charge for initial advice and telephone conversations

We appreciate it can be lonely as a business owner at times. We can supply commercial awareness without the emotional baggage the business owner has – allowing you to see the wood for the trees!

When things are tough who can you speak to?

We try to act as the independent advisor to our clients – by speaking with them regularly they can bounce ideas off us; share a problem that we can help identify a solution to; and sometimes just simply speaking to us can provide moral support.

Many accountants talk about being proactive – often just a generic newsletter sent to all clients. We actively speak to each client about the matters that specifically affect THEM.

We act as a sign post to trusted professionals in our network which we have developed over many years – introducing you to specialists who can help provide solutions to your problems, whether it be banks, solicitors, property planners, financial advisers, or other specialists.

Want to grow your business?

If you wish to grow your business how do you do it?

We can draw on over 30 years experience of dealing with owner managed businesses to share ideas of ways to grow sales and profits – tried and tested ideas. These can be adhoc conversations, to more formal and structured advisory sessions.

Linked with growing your business, Red Dot Chartered Accountants will advise you on ways to finance that growth. We have strong links with Banks and other lenders and can assist our clients to raise the funds needed.

We can also help our client’s to control and manage their growth by preparing financial information, identifying and measuring key performance indicators (the main drivers for the business); preparing forecasts and comparing actual to budgets; and implementing formal management meetings.

What else?

We can provide more specialist help, including advising on the buying and selling of a business, or the restructuring of your business; the issue of shares; the company purchase of its own shares, and much more…

…and if we don’t have the answer, we will certainly know somebody who will.

In addition to the high quality service level, Red Dot was set up with the specific aim to work closely with a restricted number of clients.

Whilst deliberately keeping our firm small, behind the scenes Red Dot Chartered Accountants has been structured to offer and deliver the level of technical skills normally associated with a much larger firm. Red Dot has been able to do this by combining the use of:

  • Experience – over 30 years dealing with the accounting, tax, vat and commercial matters that arise in family owned businesses – there are very few issues we have not seen before, so we can use that experience to help our clients
  • Knowledge – ongoing and continuing staff training to ensure our technical knowledge is kept up to date so we can promptly identify opportunities for our clients
  • Trusted Network – access to a tried, tested and trusted network of Tax, VAT and other professional advisors so our clients can benefit from the right advice at the right time
  • State of the art technology – including electronic filing systems; electronic work flow and filing deadline management systems, accounting, company secretarial and tax software so that our clients receive a consistent, totally professional and cost effect service
  • A strong desire to deliver a totally professional and cost effective service to our clients – Red Dot purposefully restrict the number of clients that we act for so we can properly get to know each and every client and help identify specific opportunities to help each client individually. We believe choosing an accountant is a very important decision, and being comfortable on a personal level is key to a good working relationship – after all it is much nicer dealing with a friend rather than a stranger

Plus if that is not enough, we agree all fees in advance to avoid surprise bills, and our clients pay us a simple low monthly fee to smooth their cashflow.

So, if you are looking for an accountant who will work with you to grow your business, who offers a service level promise and who will always deliver the best result for you, its time to talk to Red Dot Chartered Accountants.

Is it time to change your accountant?

By now you should be getting an idea how we work at Red Dot.

If you are still unsure if we are the right accountants for you, then why don’t you get in touch… we don’t bite!

As we do not want to waste your time, we will Initially speak over the phone to get a ‘feel for each other’ to see if we sound like we could work well together.

Assuming we both feel comfortable, we can then arrange to meet up for an informal chat over a cup of tea or coffee.

Our conversation and meeting will be totally FREE, confidential, and without any further obligation.

We are confident that you will get some benefit from our meeting irrespective of whether you appoint us or not.

As a minimum we expect you to get an independent view on your business performance and tax affairs, with suggestions on how you could improve these, plus as a special gift we will give you a free copy of our book.

CONTACT US NOW – you have nothing to lose