Saturday 29th February, 2020

Value added services

Value added services

These are those optional services that our clients can access to help them to plan their business and personal tax affairs to minimise the amount of tax they will pay in the future, and those services that assist our clients to better manage and grow their businesses so they can achieve their goals and ambitions sooner.

Tax Planning Services

Tax planning to reduce and minimise both business and personal taxes.
We are particularly strong in this area. As we deal with a small number of clients we can use our detailed knowledge of them to actively identify specific ways to minimise their tax – backed up by our ongoing training and trusted network of professionals. See some examples here.

Profit Improvement Services

Those services which will help you to improve profits and take control of your business.

If you are wanting to improve your business profits, or want to have better control of your business, then these services will definitely help you.

Management Information
  • Preparation of regular Management information
  • These can be prepared monthly or quarterly to suit you
  • Help you to check if the business is performing as you hope
  • More detailed Management Accounts to help the business owners monitor performance, identify key trends, and plan forward
  • Helping you to measure where you are now, and help identify the ways to move forward to meet your goals
Key Performance Indicators
  • Key Performance Indicators or KPI’s as they are referred to:
  • These are the key drivers for the success of your business
  • Identify areas of the business that give you the most opportunities to make profit improvements
  • These are the most important facts you need to monitor as the improvement of these will have significant impacts on the performance of the business
  • We can help you to identify and measure the KPI’s specific to your business
Projections and Forecasts
  • These are your plans for the future of your business
  • They are usually prepared in detail for a 12 month period, but can extend up to 3-5 years
  • Using our specialist software allows us to show you the impact of different decisions on the profitability and performance of the business
  • Key to helping identify if the business has enough cashflow to meet it’s liabilities as they fall due
Budgetary Comparison
  • This is where we compare your actual results against what you planned to do
  • We can identify why and where they vary, and look forward at the impact over the coming months
  • Help you to make decisions to get back on track if the actual varies from the projected
Profit Improvement Ideas
  • With the information about the business performance from the Accounts and Projections, you can now look at different strategies to achieve your future plans
  • We can draw on over 30 years experience of dealing with owner managed businesses to share ideas of ways to grow sales and profits – tried and tested ideas
  • These can be adhoc conversations, to more formal and structured advisory sessions
  • advise you on ways to finance that growth. We have strong links with Banks and other lenders and can assist our clients to raise the funds needed
  • It helps to have a written action plan – and more importantly – to regularly review and amend that plan
  • We can support you through this process to help keep you focused and on track
  • As a business owner you sometimes need an independent objective view – we can provide this
  • If you are answerable to somebody, then you are more likely to take action

Is it time to change your accountant?

By now you should be getting an idea how we work at Red Dot.

If you are still unsure if we are the right accountants for you, then why don’t you get in touch… we don’t bite!

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Assuming we both feel comfortable, we can then arrange to meet up for an informal chat over a cup of tea or coffee.

Our conversation and meeting will be totally FREE, confidential, and without any further obligation.

We are confident that you will get some benefit from our meeting irrespective of whether you appoint us or not.

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